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Usage Statistics for - November 2012

Usage statistics for - november 2012 - Usage statistics for summary period: november 2012 - search string generated 01-dec-2012 21:54 pst.

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Steps to setup proxy server with Squid on linux

Put Squid between the users and the Internet to cache your web pages. Users surf faster, HTTP traffic uses less bandwidth, and you can save on bandwidth fees — or use the saved bandwidth for other traffic.You can install squid from source or using rmp package.On Fedora,if you are online,as root user type:#yum install squidThis will install squid on your system.Using the above step you will find config file at /etc/squid/squid.conf.Edit squid.conf file to suit your requirement.Basic configuration * Check http_port, icp_port, and htcp_port. 3128 is a good default,…

How Fair Is the DEA (Digital Economy Act)?

While the massive internet was developed to make content sharing across the world possible, it has also paved way for pirates to steal and use copyrighted information. According to the general etiquette on internet, content posted in any website is copyright protected unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Corporate companies that offer commercial products for sale are affected badly by online piracy. In order to keep the pirates in check, the UK government proposed Digital Economy Act (DEA) which is supposed to prevent online piracy and protect the work…

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